Paying for healthcare just got a whole lot easier

Wellpay is the first healthcare payment platform designed from the ground up around patients and providers alike.
What we obsess over

We're on a mission to remove financial barriers from healthcare

Why We're Here

We believe in making access to quality healthcare available and affordable for everyone. Because, when we take care of each other, we are better together.

a problem worth obsessing over

Impacting patients and providers alike


of healthcare billing

still happens on paper, phone, or archaic web solutions


Americans have medical debt

and are increasingly struggling with the cost of healthcare


of bankruptcy filings

are caused by medical debt

1 in 3

Americans delay care

because they worry about the medical cost


Americans file for bankruptcy

due to medical issues and bills

We asked ourselves

What if providers could drop their patient bills in and never have to take time out of care delivery to collect payments?

What if patients never had to spend more than 60 seconds paying their healthcare bills at any provider?

What if care affordability was built seamlessly into the patient payment experience without bias and judgement?


A complete, modern healthcare financial experience - one designed with you in mind.

Results in numbers

Our results speak for themselves

1 s
Avg. Time to pay

On average, patients are paying their medical bills in less than 60s from first message receipt

1 %
Collection Acceleration

Our providers are seeing significant improvement in patient balance collection

1 %

Patients using Wellpay are deeply satisfied with the experience, creating lifetime patient loyalty

Better for Patients

Healthcare payments that revolve around you and your family

Better for Providers

A healthcare patient financial platform that delivers value and great experiences

the important stuff

Patients love Wellpay

S. Sawyer, from Dallas, Texas

“In less than a minute I was able to open my bill, pick the right payment plan, and take care of my bill”