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We started WellPay because we kept asking ourselves, why is it so difficult to pay for healthcare?
Why isn't there a way to pay for healthcare that doesn't involve lots of calls, paper, checks, and predatory financial middle-men?
That's why we started from a blank sheet of paper, and fresh perspective to re-imagine how to pay for your care needs.
A new better way to pay for care, that works around your life
WellPay consolidates all your doctors, dentists, vets bills into a single place. Providing with you more payment flexibility then ever before.
Mobile friendly
Designed for mobile, but works on everyone of your devices. Easy!
Support for all payment types, credit, HSA's, Pay over time & more. In one place.
We use the latest cloud technology to enable you to pay your bills fast.
Military Grade Security
We take your data security seriously, and will never sell your data to anyone.
You, and all your care needs
Your Family, and all their care needs
(and all their bills....)
Better Payments for your furry one's ↑ care needs too.
Better for Providers
It's better for the medical providers who deliver our care.
With WellPay providers get paid faster for the services they deliver to you, at lower cost, without any of the paper headaches and calls.
Are you a provider? want to use WellPay? Get Started here
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